Combining all of the best elementsWINDOW FILMS


Looking for?

  • Window films of all kinds, types, and designs, carefully selected from all around the globe?
  • Window films provided by professionals with twenty years’ experience in the field?
  • Window films with a long-term guarantee of both product and service quality?

Look no further. FUSION will meet all of your window film needs!

Do you know?

  • The brands Solarmax, Sun-Gard, NTech, SunTek, Madico, or Global?

Then we are pleased to say that already 20 years ago, under the auspices of the Quo Company, we were able to introduce these window films onto the Czech market and also to you!

However, it didn’t just stop there. For two decades, new materials, technologies and market conditions have developed. That is why we’ve also had to develop our own industry expertise, perfect our customer service, and ensure warehouse flexibility.

Meet the new FUSION brand- revolutionizing window film!

Do you know?


Because our many years of experience have allowed us to COMBINE ALL OF THE BEST ELEMENTS:

  • Past experiences with the future of market development,
  • The best quality for the best prices,
  • The FUSION brand with roots in the Quo Company,
  • A new strategy with our best sales representatives

Try the FUSION brand. The future of window film!

What to expect?

A brief overview of FUSION film?

We apologize, but a brief overview simply does not exist. We recommend taking a look at our full selection on our website. Depending on your specific needs, you will find the right window film for you.

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