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FUSION Interior (inner) Solar Control Window Film

Is installed on the inner side of the glass, when possible on the inside of the outer window (eg. older screw-on windows, double windows etc.). If there is no other option, it is installed directly onto the inner side of the glass in the room. This is slightly less effective as it results in the glass and window interspace heating up and subsequently transfers heat into the room.

The advantage of interior solar film is longer durability (it is not affected by external environmental factors) and in most cases a lower price. The disadvantage of interior film is its lower efficiency. Most solar films belong in this category, which is why there is an even wider selection of them.

The M Film Line

  • Reflective silver foil, metallized
  • High efficiency
  • Most widely used
  • Very good price

The NC Film Line

  • Comes in nickel, chrome, and sputter
  • Reduced reflectivity
  • Nice neutral tone
  • High quality, excellent clarity

The SB Film Line

  • Comes in light bronze and copper shades
  • Highly reflective film, sputter
  • Very high efficiency
  • Available in 35% light transmission
  • Colour durability

The P NSN Film Line

  • Neutral colour with gold reflections
  • Highly effective even in a lighter colour
  • Low emissivity ensures a thermal-insulating effect
  • Warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Available in 75% light transmission

The IR Film Line

  • Non-reflective, IR, nano-ceramic
  • Very effective in retaining IR radiation (according to type)
  • Colorfast, does not change colours or fade
  • Available in 80% light transmission
  • Comes in a slightly smoky colour, very light


Type Color
Visible Light Transmitted Total  Solar Energy Rejected
M 15 reflective silver, dark 15% 80%
M 40 reflective silver, medium 40% 58%
M 50 reflective silver, light 50% 50%
NC 35 nickel-chrome (reduced reflectivity) 35% 56%
SB 35 reflective soler bronze 35% 72%
P 75 NSN neutral (golden reflectivity) 75% 45%
IR 80 S slightly smoky, non reflextive 80% 32%

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