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FUSION Privacy and Special Film

Privacy film by FUSION has its own distinct function. Most of these films are intended to provide partial or complete opacity of glass surfaces. Privacy film ensures sufficient privacy in doctor’s offices, restrooms, booths in financial institutions, even low-mounted windows. This film is installed wherever a more opaque glass is needed, while maintaining the maximum possible light transmission. This film can be used as a substitute for sandblasted glass.

Advantages of FUSION Privacy and Special Film

  • Ensuring privacy
  • Providing partial or complete opacity while maintaining maximum light transmission
  • Wide selection of colours (matt white, bronze, silver…)
  • Blackout film
  • Reduces the risk of injury caused by broken glass
  • Retains 98% of UV rays
  • Hardened, anti-abrasion layer, routine maintenance
  • Health certificate permitting interior use including food establishments
  • Is installed on the inner side of the glass

FUSION Privacy and Special Film Maintenance:

The film does not require any special maintenance. It can be washed using standard procedures, but no earlier than 30 days after installation (i.e. after it has completely dried and set). The exterior or outer side of the glass can be washed immediately. Washing can be done using water and detergent liquids and a soft cleaning cloth, paper towels, sponges and rubber squeegees.

The film cannot be washed using thinners, solvents, chemical solutions or corrosive substances. Make sure not to use any scrapers, screwdrivers, steel wool, and other similar tools that may damage the surface of the film.

The Z Film Line

  • Matt film, comes in different colours
  • Light transmission
  • Privacy protection, is not transparent


  • Black glossy opaque film
  • Complete blackout film, opaque
  • Also suitable for automotive glass in cargo compartments


Type Color Visible Light Transmitted Total  Solar Energy Rejected
Z 200 matte white 70% 30%
MZ 200 matte silver 19% 75%
BZ 200 matte bronze 35% 33%
GZ 200 matte grey 36% 34%
BLK 1 black 0% 85%


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