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FUSION- Exterior (Outdoor) Solar Control Window Film

Is installed on the outer side of the glass from the outside. It has excellent solar control properties and is one of the simplest and most efficient methods of reducing the effects of solar rays. Installing it from the outer side of the glass allows for direct reflection of solar rays, thus increasing its efficacy. It prevents the glass as well as window interspace from overheating.

The advantage of exterior solar film is maximum efficiency against solar rays. The disadvantage, however, is a shorter lifespan (it is subject to environmental impact such as acid rain and other weather conditions). It is specially modified for exterior installation, which raises the cost of the final price. This film comes in a limited selection of designs.

The M xt Film Line

  • Reflective silver foil, metallized
  • High efficiency
  • Most widely used
  • Very good price
  • Available in 20, 35 and 50% light transmission


Type Color Visible Light Transmitted Total  Solar Energy Rejected
M 20 xt reflective silver, dark 15% 80%
M 35 xt reflective silver, medium 40% 64%
M 50 xt reflective silver, light 50% 49%


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