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PPF (Paint Protection Film) by FUSION

PPF Fusion protective film is made from a highly elastic thermoplastic polyurethane film with high resistance to abrasion.

PPF Fusion is a film designed to protect paint jobs on cars, buses, motorcycles etc., including parts such as headlights, bumpers, mirrors, and other parts of the vehicle that suffer the most damage from stones and gravel on the road.

It is an extremely solid yet very flexible polyurethane film, 8 mil (about 200 microns) thick, which is highly resistant to stones, gravel, aggressive chemicals, abrasion and even to minor impact from traffic accidents. The film’s highly resistant properties help protect the vehicle’s paint job from damage.

The film is completely transparent and the special glue has strong adhesive properties. The film is highly resistant to various dangers such as UV rays, and it contains a stainless polymer which prevents corrosion. The film has a high gloss finish, is completely transparent, is non-yellowing, does not tarnish or change colour or appearance.

The film is made to be extremely flexible and adhesive, allowing for quicker and easier installation, even onto difficult, curved areas. The film is applied wet and cold (is not heated for installation).

Advantages of PPF Fusion

  • High transparency and durability, can also be used as headlight protection
  • High gloss finish, abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to UV rays- is colour stable, does not yellow or tarnish over time
  • Easy to install even onto curved surfaces- leaves no fingerprints or creases
  • Adhesive contains an anticorrosive polymer
  • Long-term durability (physical properties of polyurethanes are consistent and stable)

Cleaning and Maintenance

Because the film is made from 100% aliphatic urethane, no special protection or maintenance is needed. Do not use hot wax on this film as it can cause damage!

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